Suhagraat tips in English and Hindi

Suhagraat tips in English and Hindi

First night of wedding is very important for every couple and it is always a top-secret among the couples. The majority of the couples remains curious about this first suhagraat or wedding night. About all girls and boys are very much concerned with this topic or issue that how will this night be celebrated. There are a lot of Suhagraat tips in Urdu, English and Hindi languages. Here, we have some basic first night tips for bride and first night tips for bridegroom. Similarly we have a lot of sex tips and guidance. First, wedding night has some etiquette. If the new couple is well aware about their first marriage night, then they can enjoy all these movements. However, we have some most amazing Suhagraat tips in English.

First wedding night is the most precious time for the levies of the couple and it will be helpful for both to understand each other’s likes and dislike. First, marriage night is celebrated differently in different cultures, religions and countries, but there are a lot of things which are common among all nations and people. In Eastern part of the world the tradition regarding this night is different as compare to the western part of the world. However, both world have the same massage for this night which love, harmony and understanding. The first marriage night or Suhagraat is very much excited for the newlywed couple and they want to celebrate it more romantically and for this they must know the basic tips of marriage or wedding.

1. Make a conversation prior to first wedding night.
It is the best way to overcome your nervousness and for this talks to your future spouse before marriage. Share your views and ideas with bride and it is necessary that both bride and groom must be on same page for future plan. If it is not possible directly, then make someone else to facilitate in this matter.

2.Express your personality in first night
It is important that both partner must behave politely and express their personality gently. It is also vital for both partner that they feel each other feeling regarding and try to understand messages or conversation. Intercourse is also a part of this first night so it should be according and up to the will of the bride.

3. Feel the feeling of bride
This is natural phenomena that in intercourse the bride definitely will feel pain, but it can be reduced by many ways. Always try to do this intercourse with comfort and ease in this way the groom can win the heart of the bride. There are a lot of methods those can make this sex easy and although it is not compulsory for the couple to indulge in this activity.

4.Be normal in first night
First night is so important to check the personality of bride and groom. It is compulsory for the couple to understand the personality of each other and deal according to the mood and behavior. So on this occasion it is necessary for both partners to talk each other politely.

5. Confidence
Confidence plays an important role in the success of every marriage and it is foundation of a successful life. Consult your partner for every task and issue before starting. Get confidence of your partner and then take step toward the future and get the confidence of your partner before starting anything.

6.Take soft foods
Brides must take soft foods in this night to avoid sleep. It is advised to take fruits and vegetables for easy digestion on this important night.