Suhag raat ki kahani dulhan ki zubani

Suhag raat ki kahani dulhan ki zubani

Suhag raat ki kahani dulhanWedding is an exciting issue in Eastern part of the world and unmarried and even married people are very curious about this. All the unmarried and married boys and girls want to know that what have happened with bride and similarly the male relatives and friends want to know from groom. The bride is much under the pressure of her friends and even the elder female members of the family that what was the real story in last night and some traditional families it must know the virginity of the bride because here in this zone of the world the bride virginity is relate to her previous character. It was custom in this part that the elders want to know and check the virginity of bride.

In Eastern territories of the world bride friends are very much concerned with bride because they want to know the first night issue and reason behind this is that it is not an open in these areas. First, night event or steps are not discussed in open and all the bride friends have a keen interest in this issue although they some time got internal news from brides, but most of the time they do not have any news regarding that particular night. In subcontinent and adjacent parts of this the brides are very shy and they do not leaks any secrets between her and husband. In their point of vie they think that it relates to with their husband dignity and honor.

In marriages most of the brides and grooms friend stay at the home of wedding in that particular night to know something new and story of first night from bride or groom. However, some time the grooms and brides tell some hints or any gesture about their first wedding night. The brides some times tell the real story to their very close wedding friends about that night, it is also in observation that whenever a girl got news, which is burning and top story of the day then how can it remain in secret. Bride which has simple personality tell the story and shares with the friends and relatives and mostly she said about the behavior of her husband.

Girls and friends of the brides are curious about the first wedding night and they force the brides to tell them something and even they sometime got success in this regard. Sex always remain an issue in whole world, but it is more than secret and convert into mystery. Although all women and girls know the real story of the first night, but they enjoy this if they know the whole story from the bride. The brides friend tease the bride and demands that they tell the real story about her first wedding night. It is reality that only brides leaks their first night progress or story however, the grooms not concern with this matter. Still then it remains a secret which needs to discuss.  Honeymoon in France

Dulhan ki zubani