First Wedding Night in Urdu

First Wedding Night in Urdu

First Wedding Night in UrduWedding is the main event in someone life and it remembers throughout life, Different culture and religion of the world and their follower celebrate their wedding night in different ways according to their own culture or religion guidelines. Marriage night is a special night in bride and groom life and they want to celebrate in the way that it remembers for a long time. Although the newly wed couple is excited about their wedding first night, but other than this couple the family members, friends and relatives are also excited and curious about the bride and groom night. They all want to know that what have happened in this particular night.

The societies and cultures have their own limitations and sometime religious bans on discussing wedding first night however, about all knows their culture and tradition about first wedding night. In subcontinent culture it is unique and very excited because here the bride and grooms the first time meet in that particular night and before this, they do not know each other and even they have not seen each other. The reason behind this is that the society and culture does not permit this that a young boy and girls talk with each other. Although in some families the engagement ceremony also performed before marriage however, both finances cannot talk with each other.

In subcontinent region the newly wed couple meet each other first time in their life on the occasion of wedding night and they are very shy and feel uncomfortable in that particular night. They hesitate in talking and exchanging views, but they try to understand each other personality. In first wedding night a room is reserved for bride and groom in the house and it is decorated with furniture and other necessary households. In that reserved room the bride wait for groom and she is alone in that room. It is custom in this region that the groom enter into bride room in late hours of the night.

On his arrival in the room he bless the bride and present a nice and outstanding expensive gift to bride or some time he may pay in cash which would be a handsome amount. It is up to the groom that what he presents to bride and usually it would be a gold ring or any gold item. It is also a custom that there is something for their dinner or a sweet dish or ordinary sweets, milk is also there for both bride and groom. After the exchanging, the gift they try to talk with each other. In first wedding night intercourse is not compulsory, but they enjoy their company and with the passage of time they understand each other.

First wedding night