Mangni in Islam

Mangni in Islam, Mangni in Pakistan

Mangni in IslamIn Pakistan and some other countries of the world arrange a function for mangni in English it is called engagement, It is ceremony in which the girl and boy and their belonging families agree on this that the couple would be life partner in future. It celebrated with great show, the function is held in the girl house and different gifts are exchanged but the main item is engagement ring or mangni ki angoothi, here are some mangni outfits for girl and it is called the arranged Mangni.

All the guest girls and family members wear Mangni dresses and after the mangni ceremony they exchange prayers for couple known as Mangni Mubarak. Mangni is a Muslim ceremony, in some places the guests are invited through Mangni invitations cards. In mangni the food is served and song and dances are performed. In some areas of Pakistan after short period of mangni there is wedding it is locally known as chat mangni pat byah.