Hajj and umrah guide in Urdu 5

Zil Hijjah 12

This is fifth day of hajj, hit seven pebbles to each three Jamarat after declining of sun. Hit seven pebbles to Jamrah Oolah and after this goes a head and up your hand and facing Qibla, recite du’as in Arabic or your own language. Then, hit seven pebbles to Jamrah Wustah and facing Qiblah, recite prays and mercy, but there is no specific pray for this moment. After doing this hit seven pebbles on Jamrah Aqabah. It is last chance for Tawaf-e-Ziarah if you could not yesterday while it is necessary to perform it before Maghrib. You can go back to Makkah before sunset, but if you stay there, then throw pebbles next day in similar sequence. Tawaf-e-Wida is obligatory before the departure to your country and it is the same as Nafl Tawaf.

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