Hajj and umrah guide in Urdu 2

Zil Hijjah  9 

It is second day of hajj, after offering Fajr prayer in Mina leave for Arafat by saying Takbir Tashriq (Allah-u Akbar, Allah-u Akbar La Ilaha ill-Allah wa-Allah-u Akbar, Allah-u Akbar wa Lillah-il-hamd) and Talbiyah. Reach Arafat before zawal (fall of the sun). It prefers that take a bath while wudu is also acceptable. Waquf-e-Arafat started from zawal to ends at the sunset and this time should be used in reciting Talbiyah and pray forgiveness and pity of Allah. Say prays in Arabic as well as in your own language, recite Darud Sharif and Pilgrims can pass their time in standing and sitting position. In Masjid-e-Namrah Pilgrims will offer both Zuhr and Asr prayers together and shortened those will be led by imam. These prayers will be offered by single adhan while separating iqamahs. Pilgrims depart for Muzdalifah without offering Maghrib prayer and they recite Talbiyah on their way. In Muzdalifah pilgrims says their Maghrib and Isha prayers collectively at Isha time and first they offer Maghrib fard and then Isha fard followed by Sunnah of Maghrib and after this Sunnah of Isha and then Witr prayer. This night is very blessing and Pilgrims say Darud Sharif, recite holy Quran, utter Talbiyah and they can take a rest for some time. Collect forty-nine pebbles in medium size for three days. Offer Fajr prayer with jama’at and before this offer two rakah Sunnah and perform waquf, depart for Mina when sun is about to rise.

Hajj UB