Ghusl haiz ka tarika in Urdu and English

Ghusl haiz ka tarika in Urdu and English

ghusalThis is natural impurity of the women in which she discharge blood because of menstrual flow and in this condition she cannot perform pray and fast. In this situation and in Nifas she can cook meal, but cannot touch Quran and should not sexual intercourse with her husband. To get purity or cleanliness from this haiz it is necessary to make Niyyah (intention) thus just say I am performing Ghusl so as to become Paak. However, this will be done without Niyyah, but the performer will not get the Thawaab (reward). This Ghusl haiz should be performed in privacy and do not turn your face toward the Kiblah. This can be done in both situations like standing or seated. Do not speak during this ghusal. Do not recite any Kalimah or Aayah during ghusl.

Procedure for performing ghusl
1. Wash both hands along with wrists.
2. Clean your private parts and wash impurities or Janaabat or Najaasat, even from any part of the body.
3. Then, perform Wudhu and make sure water has poured in nostrils and throat.
4. After this wadhu, pour water three times over the head.
5. After this pour water three times over the right shoulder.
6. Then, pour water three times over the left shoulder.
7. Then, pour water three times over the body and rub gently.

It is necessary even compulsory that wet your’s all hairs even from the root of the hair and if it is done there will be no valid ghusl. Here, we have in detail ghusl steps in Urdu.
ghusl haiz