Thalassemia test before marriage

Thalassemia test before marriage

Thalassemia test before marThalassemia is an inherited disease and because of this it transmit from parents to their offspring, in this disorder production of hemoglobin is not normal and it reduces production of hemoglobin. Thalassemiaic patents does not have normal hemoglobin and in this way it cannot transmit oxygen effectively, thalassemia is of two types, thalassemia major and thalassemia minor. The offspring born with this disorder is normal at that time, but they are not capable to making their hemoglobin according to body demand and they become anemic.

Thalassemia patients need regular blood transfusions after a month or fifteen days, but it is not a treatment it just supplies of red blood cells which are compulsory to transport of oxygen to all parts of body. Thalassemia is basically a genetic disease and it transmit from parents to their children, so not only thalassemia, but other such types of disorder can be stoped to transmit in to next generation by a medical test before marriages or during pregnancy. Thalassemia is not treated with medicine yet, but it can be a preventable through tests, similarly other inherited disease also prevented shift next generation. It is important for those who are planning for their marriages to perform a medical test for thalassemia, it is very simple and cost effective test so protect your future generation from this lethal disorder.

Thalassemia major
Thalassemia is inherited disorder and when a child gets muted genes from both of his parents it is called thalassemia major. Children who inherited thalassemia by birth face severe anemia deficiency in their initial first year of life. They are unable to produce hemoglobin and feel weakness and fatigue. Extreme anemia and bone marrow expansion are due to genetically defected thalassemia. This type of thalassemia have many other complications such as slow physical growth, weak bones and size enlargement of liver.

Thalassemia minor
A child get a set of hemoglobin genes from both of parents, but in thalassemia minor a child inherit only one gene. It is confirmed by a test known as hemoglobin electrophoresis and the carrier of this type of thalassemia will be anemic.

Thalassemia symptoms
There are many symptoms of thalassemia just as face bone deformation which can change the structure of face, weakness and fatigue, slow physical growth, breathing problem and pale skin that is because of anemia.

Thalassemia treatment
The artificial regular blood transfusions is a treatment in thalassemia major while during and stop iron supplements if you are receiving blood transfusions because in this way iron amount within body will increase which can be harmful. Bone marrow transplantation treatment is helpful in some children.       NEXT