Lung Cancer Causes

Lung Cancer Causes

Lung Cancer CausesLung cancer causes more casualties in both men and women in all over the world, cancer starts when normal human body cell undergo without controlling multiplication. These abnormal cells make a tumor and this tumor get nourishment from healthy tissue and destroy them. The lung tumors invade and kill the normal surrounding tissues and these invader tumors spread in whole body Tumors in lungs are called primary tumor while the tumors in other parts of the body is called secondary tumors.

Causes lung cancer
Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer because the chemical of cigarette cause lung cancer. Cigarette smokers are more prone to cancer than non smokers, cigar and pipe also cause cancer, but cigarette cause more than these. Moreover, the number of cigarette also matter the lung cancer, similarly an early age smoking also cause more chance of lung cancer. The smoke of industries, air pollution and transport smoke also cause lung cancer another cause of lung cancer is asbestos exposure. The pulmonary diseases like tuberculosis also can cause lung cancer, other than this radon, arsenic, chromium, nickel and aromatic hydrocarbons can increase the risk of lung cancer.
Lung cancer types
There are two main types of cancer while other two are also there like mesothelioma and rarer types of lung cancer.

1. Small cell lung cancer
In small cell lung cancer the cancer cells are very tiny and can be seen with the help of microscope. It is also called oat cell cancer and this sort of cancer is due to smoking. This type of cancer is occasionally seen in the non smokers. small cell cancer spread rapidly and effect the person very rapidly.

2. Non small cell lung cancer
In this category there are three types of non small cell lung cancer and it is difficult to differentiate among these three types of cancers. The differentiation is tough because of cells size and number of cells.

A. Squamous cell carcinoma
It is most common sort of lung cancer and usually it occurs in air passage and it is seen in smoking person. Its main cause is smoking.
B. Adenocarcinoma
This type of lung cancer is present in cells which are situated in air passage and develop mucus. This is a common type of cancer in people.
C. Large cell carcinoma
This type of cancer has huge round cells and cab be checked by using microscope.

3. Mesothelioma
This type of cancer is seen in pleura, which is the protective covering of lungs. The main cause of this cancer is asbestos and the victims of this cancer have been exposed to asbestos.

4. Rarer types of lung cancer
In this type of cancer a tumor originate in lungs, usually it target the neuroendocrine system that release hormones, but it is a rare type of cancer.

Lung cancer symptoms
Coughing up blood
Chest pain
Difficulty in breath

Precautions measures
Quit smoking
Avoid air pollution
Avoid chemical exposure