Kidney stones home treatments

Kidney stones home treatments

What is kidney stone?

Kidney stoneKidney stones are chemically constitute of calcium oxalate and it is deposit of minerals in the internal structure of kidney. These minerals aggregation increase its size even a small egg. However, this deposition have a sharp crystal structure that definitely penetrate in inner side of kidney and through this patient feel intensive pain. While some time kidney stones are very tiny and excretes through urinary tract without causing any pain, but sometime it causes pain. This kidney stone occasionally comes down to ureter, which is a tube that links kidney and bladder and it blocks the way and cause severe pain. Kidney stones is a severe human health disorder and if we drink a lot of water or according to medical expert we can prevent our kidneys from stone formation. Due to dehydration and not enough water intake leads to stone deposition in kidney that badly affect inner side of kidney. That cause pain and if not treated or not taken measures that led to renal failure. Those who are not facing this type of disorder they have to drink more and more water. Through hydration they can dilute minerals and chemical concentration in kidneys, which will be helpful to avoid stone formation. A crystal clears urine indicate that there is less chance of infection in kidneys and urinary tract.

Kidney stone causes.

Less water intake is the primary cause of this kidney stones formation and remember the recommended volume of water, which is required by a person is about eight to ten glasses daily. If there is less amount of water is there in kidneys then, the kidneys cannot dilute concentrated material and in this way stone formation started. There are some health disorders are also cause of stones deposition such as Crohn’s disease, urinary tract infections, sponge kidney and some time fluoride in water is also a cause of this stone. There are some vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D enhance chances of kidney stone deposition. According to medical point of view and medical experts suggestion the calcium and vitamin D should be taken according to allowed quantity. There are some medicine those increase the risk of kidney stones like medicine to treat seizures and migraine.

Kidney stone symptoms.

Usually kidney tones does not have any symptoms, but when it becomes crystal or comes down in ureter it causes pain that indicate that it is due to stones. Primarily it causes acute pain in groin, pain in lower back area and some time blood is excreted in urine. Urine excretion amount reduced from normal volume, patient feel inflammation during urination. Patient face many other problems like fever and chills and this is because of infection in urinary tract or kidney. Those who suffer by this disorder wants to urinate after short intervals and this is because of blockage of ureter tube. There are various test and diagnosis are made to confirm the kidney stones, simple x-rays are also helpful to check the stones in kidneys.

Kidney stone treatment.

There are some medicine, which are used to treat kidney stone extraction. Now urologists used a new technique to excrete kidney stone that is known as lithotripsy. In this process waves break down stones into small sand, which can easily excreted through urine from kidney and ureter. Patients having large sized stone need surgical procedures or through operating. There is another technique is being used to remove stones from urethra known as urethroscopic.

Home remedies for kidney stones.

Although it is crucial and serious problem, but home remedies can reduce the issue to some extant. The home remedies or treatments are in practice since centuries and there are many people who strongly believe on these home treatments or tips. Here, is a home remedy, which is very simple just take two figs and boil them in a cup of water and drink this empty stomach in the morning. Another home remedy is take one teaspoon of honey and mixes with one teaspoon of basil leaves juice and drink it in the morning on a daily basis. It will be helpful to execrate stone from the urinary tract. Watermelon is useful for removing stones from kidneys, similarly drink plenty of water that remove and execrate all toxicities from the body. Lemon juice is good for breaking kidney stones and removing from the body, a balance diet is necessary for maintaining body health. It is important for body and health that prevent the body from dehydration and solution is simple just drink water.