Anti aging food list

Anti aging food list

Anti aging foodEveryone wants to stop age meter or at least slow down its pace and it can be possible. Healthy and balance diet is an important part of age process stopping similarly active living habits are also vital. Diet and compulsory vitamins are main part of healthy life and regular light workout is key of fitness. Here, we have some enigmatic and ant aging diets that can definitely slow down the age process and keep person healthy and fit. These anti aging diets are olive oil, fish, yogurt, nuts and chocolate.

Olive oil
Olive oil is natural antioxidant and scientific research proved that olive oil contains mono unsaturated fat, which is safe and protect from heart diseases. The countries where olive oil is frequently used indicate healthy population, moreover it is energetic and provide more energy than ordinary fat supply.

Fish is a white meat source that contains low fat and therefore the consumer of fat have no signs of heart attach and cardiovascular diseases. The fish consumers have low cholesterol levels in their vessels and it can slow down the aging process. The fish meat contain important vitamins that is vitamin E and it is helpful in infertility and healthy skin.

Nuts have also antioxidant properties and have many vital vitamins and vitamins. Nuts contain unsaturated fat, which is safe for health.

Yogurt contains calcium, which is necessary for bones and teeth. Yogurt stimulate digestive tract and system and it maintains friends bacterial level in small intestine, which is compulsory for digestion.