Teeth whitening tips at home in Urdu

Teeth whitening tips at home in Urdu
Teeth cleaning┬áSimile, which has no substitute, but bright, sparkling and white teeth enhancing the value of this. According to new latest research most of the women’s judge the men from their teeth. A nice open charm full smile attracts the opposite sex in very short time, while most whitish teeth smiling is unique and amazing that increases personality values. There are various dental diseases which are increasing day by day because of unsatisfactory methods of dental hygiene and even developed countries also pay a huge money on this issue. Teeth are sensitive part of the body and it needs more care. Teeth whitening means removing of stains, plaque and discoloration. Teeth whitening from the dentist is not a one-time process, but it should be repeated from time to time. The outer most layer of teeth is called enamel and if this part of the teeth gets discoloration or plaque, then they look grayish or bad, similarly this type of teeth cause inflammation and developed bad odor. Usually yellow color of teeth is due to using tobacco, taking tea or coffee, fizzy drinks and red wine. There are some other reasons are also there like nor proper caring or hygienic, while aging process also effect this.

Teeth increase or decrees your face value, but white and bright teeth enhance your personality. Smile is very much related with white sparkling teeth. There are a lot of foods and drinks those stains teeth and over lap a yellowness covering that not only fade the teeth beauty. The stains or spot are not only present on the outer surface, but they mostly present on inner surface of the teeth. All the food particles stick on teeth inner sides and deposit there. The stains those are inside the teeth enamel is called intrinsic stains. Teeth whitening is not a difficult task and you can manage it at home without a heavy coast and it does not require expensive dental products. Teeth whitening tips at home cut down the dentist fee and your valuable time. One simple and genuine tip is that you have to clean your teeth twice a day regularly and must be before going to bed with a quality tooth paste and after coming out from the bed. Here, few homemade teeth whitening tips. Cut a piece of lemon and rub on your teeth gently it will clean and white your teeth. A mixture of ordinary salt and lemon juice in a same quantity and paste this on teeth as a tooth paste.

1. It is vital and necessary that avoid all those foods and drinks, which cause stains like cigarette, cigars, tea, coffee and fizzy drinks.
2. Beverages which can develop stains should drink with straw to avoid teeth connection with this liquid.
3. Rinse or brush your teeth after taking foods which can cause stains.
4. Brush your teeth regularly to avoid plaque and deposition foods particles, which later fade the luster of teeth.
5. Change your toothbrush after two or three months because many strains of bacteria develop there and can transmit from brush to mouth.
6. Clean your tongue with the help of tongue scraper or tooth brush in the morning and most of the time bad smell is due to deposition of bacteria on the tongue surface.
7. Gargle with mild warm water and apple cider vinegar.
8. Red color lipstick hide your teeth yellow color so the red color enhance the luster of teeth.
Here, are few teeth whitening tips in Urdu.

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