Skin whitening tips at home

Skin whitening tips at home

Skin whitening tipsWhitened skin is most demanded skin between women and girls, but it is not a difficult task in these days because there are a lot of information are available. According to an expert a fair skin without any skin problems is real beauty. However, women’s desire for a whitened skin, according to them, which is necessary for beauty. However, in some countries it is also a yard stick to measure the beauty, but it is not a correct way to understand beauty. A healthy skin without any flaws is real gift from God and many women and girls try different methods and tips to get white skin and for this purpose they spend a huge amount of money. The market is saturated with various types of formulas and preparation those claims about 100% result or desire result. However, these preparation sometime cause irreparable loss because of chemicals or due to substandard composition. These preparations bleaches the skin rapidly due to strong chemicals, although these products whiten skin for the time being and at the same time they cause sensitivity. These sensitive skin irritate in open sun and many skin problems arise, which need more attention to cure them. According to medical or beauty expert do not try any preparation on your skin without permission or prescription of an expert. However, there are many homemade tips are available for this purpose, which does not damage face skin and they are economical.

Milk, gram flour and lemon juice
This skin whitening tips is very reliable and having good result not only in skin whitening, but clearing spot and tan. It is a very simple formula just take one tablespoon of gram flour and two tablespoon ordinary milk, add 2-3 drops of lime extract or juice and mix all these things and use this paste on face about 15 minutes and then wash it with mild water.

Turmeric powder mask
This mask is easy and result oriented for skin whitening, take two tablespoon gram flour, one pinch of turmeric powder and one tablespoon yogurt mix all these things properly. Apply this paste on face about 20-25 minutes and leave it until dry then wash it with mild water. This paste leaves skin whiten, smooth and glowing.

Yogurt and honey
Yogurt contains lactic acid, which has a characteristic that it glow skin as well as it tight skin and give it even tone. It is simple to apply just spread it on your skin and leave it for few minutes and then wash with water. It is also recommended that add few amounts of honey in it for enhancing this effectiveness and it is advised that apply this twice a day for getting the best result. This whitening home remedy not only lighten skin, but it nourished and moisturize skin.

Oatmeal yogurt mask
Make a mixture of oatmeal, yogurt and tomato juice in a wide bowl and smoothly spread this paste on skin, face and neck for about 25-30 minutes and then wash it with mild water. This paste gives an outstanding healthy, even toned and whiten skin. Oatmeal naturally remove dirt and dead skin and similarly yogurt have bleaching effect and enrich skin. This mask is also helpful for sun affected skin.

Oranges and orange juice
Health skin needs vitamin C and this vitamin protect the skin from various types of infections. Make a mixture of orange juice and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it and spread this mixture on face and open part of your body. This application should be for full night and wash it in the next morning with tap water. It gives a clean, even and white glowing skin.

Honey and almond oil
Honey and almond are tested ingredients since centuries in beauty and here we have a simple home remedy for whitening skin. Take one tablespoon honey, half tablespoon almond oil and one tablespoon milk powder, mix all these ingredients and make a mask and apply this smoothly on skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes. This preparation gives a good glowing skin result because all these ingredients are natural and pure.

Besides these mentioned home remedies there are few simple tricks those can protect your skin from further damages. Protect your skin by a hat or an umbrella similarly drink more water to excrete waste from the body. Always use mild medicated soap for face and body or consult your dermatologist for facial problems. Do not use any chemical facial preparation without consulting medical specialist or dermatologist.