Australia tourist visa information

Australia tourist visa information

Australia tourist visa infoVisa is required to visit other countries from your home country and visa requirements varies from country to country. Australia is a continent and it has many opportunities for visitors in different segments and visitors from all over the world visit this part of the world in following ways like spending their holidays, sights visiting and to visit their friends and families. The visit visa is only for the said purposes and it is not for any sort of work or business.

The visit visa is issued for a specific time and after this visitors need visa extension or another visa for same purpose. Usually the visit visa is recommended for year or less than this and if you want to extend this visits visa you have to contact the Australian visa office. If new visa is awarded then present visa will be ceased and if the higher authorities refuse it then you have to leave the country on due dates which have been granted in original visa.

Tourist visa impose some restriction for this type of visa like if an applicant is applying for this tourist visa from outside the country, then he must be outside when it is decided and if applicant is within country, then he must be in country when it is decided. Business visitor visa is for business meeting or conference and it requires that the applicant must be outside the Australia when visa is decided. Family visit visa require a sponsor who sponsored the visitors and submit a bond for that visitor, for this type of visa the visitor must be outside the Australia.

A short or temporary Australian visa is granted for three, six or twelve months while applicant can apply for this visa from outside the country or from within Australia. In some cases e600 tourist visa can apply online, for more updates and latest information can contact the Australian official website.

Australia visa requirements
Everyone requires visa to enter in Australia except for New Zealand passport keeper or you are waiting and will advance within eight hours of arrival. It is for all visitors that they have to get visa before the departure and it is not possible that you board without valid visa, passport or other traveling documents. There are various visa types through those you can enter in Australia, but a right visa is requires for your legal stay in Australia. Australian visas are issued by the Australian Department Of Immigration and a tourist visa ETA issued to tourist in 24 hours. Similarly six and twelve months visa for tourist is released in 5-10 working days. The Australian DIAC adopted no refund strategy on all Australian visas type, it is also important that an applicant have to submit correct information about particular visa. It is also necessary that applicant documents support the visit purpose and have enough money to meet the expenditures.

A visit visa for Australia needs some basic requirements and logic behind the information given by applicant. First, an applicant must have a solid reason for this trip or visit and it should be justified by documents given by the applicant. The applicant must have an invitation to sponsor letter with him as legal document for his visit visa. An applicant have a sound amount for his/her expenditures like hotel stay, traveling expenses, food and other charges to stay. It is also vital and necessary that an applicant must have a good moral character and a strong relation in native country that ensure that he/she will come back after particular time . It is also compulsory that an applicant have a good health condition and have tests report for recommended tests including x-ray’s report.

1. Short stay tourist visa (ETA)
This visa is recommended for those tourists and travelers that provides three months stay in Australia. This short stay tourist visa requires passport holders from qualified countries.

2. Short stay business visa (ETA)
This business visa is equal to the ETA tourist visa and it is also for three months. However, it purely for businessmen travel to Australia for this purpose.

3. Long stay e600 visitor visa
This type of visa is for those travelers who wants to stay in Australia up to 12 months and applicant should be from qualified countries and have valid passport and other necessary documents.

4. Paper based 600 visitor visa
This class of visa is valid for travelers and visitors those want to stay for 12 months.