Anti-Aging Tips

Anti-Aging Tips

Anti Aging Tips1Looking young and smart it is dream of every man and woman in this world, but how can it be possible. It is possible just follow the following tips and look smart and young because the given anti aging tips give you a chance to over come your aging or at least slow down the process of aging. Sun exposure is most important factor among aging factors and wrinkling, to protect yourself from direct sun use sunscreen it will protect you from wrinkles and other skin abnormalities. Sun mostly effect on your face skin.

Smoking is an other reason for wrinkle and it cause abnormalities in skin regeneration, similarly alcohol is also a big issue in aging and dry skin so cut down alcohol consumption. Smoking and alcohol consumption produce more free radical and that can speed up aging process.
Regular walk or exercise revitalize your body from tiredness and it relax your body muscles, moreover proper and regular exercise increase your muscles power and it also strengthen your cardiac muscles and it slow down your aging process. Body need rest for its vital functions so take rest and beat your aging process. Water is natural toner and it give shape to your body organs, dehydrate and moisture it. Keeping in a view the value of water and drink plenty of water for hydration, moreover it flashes all waste from your body those can cause toxicity in your body system.

Anti aging tips and tricks at home

1. Premature aging signs and wrinkles appears on face because of direct sun exposure and it is necessary that women and girls should avoid sun radiations. Sunscreen is good solution for direct sun radiations and it protects facial skin from wrinkles.
2. Smoking and alcoholic consumption is a bad habit and these are the elements those cause wrinkles, to avoid premature aging and wrinkles quiet all bad habits including smoking and alcoholic consumption.
3. Body need a complete undisturbed rest at least eight hours, which is vital for body metabolism and repairing. Bed rest energize and relax body, which is helpful for smooth and glowing skin.
4. Exercise is the best way to maintain body system, it relaxes the body from stresses. Exercise stimulate blood circulation and it is a main source of fresh oxygen supplying to all parts of the body. Exercise not only improve blood supply to muscles and it gives a new look to skin complexion, moreover it protects from different types of illnesses.
5. Water intake is compulsory to maintain healthy life and it drain out all the waste which are not good for body. Water intake hydrate tissues and it gives a firm texture to body, moreover it moisturize the body regularly and in this way skin protect from wrinkles.
6. Take green and red vegetables because these are the main source of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect the body from free radicals formation which is the main cause of premature aging and wrinkles.

Anti aging tips for eyes protection

1. Eyes are the sensitive part of the body and eyes catches premature aging signs and wrinkles very quickly as compare to other parts of the body. Vitamin C is necessary to skin and especially for eyes area protection from direct sunlight, Vitamin E is vital to skin and it gives new look to skin and elasticity.
2. Wear sunglasses that can protect from direct effects of sun and radiations, similarly it also protects eyes skin. To care eyes skin from sun or harsh weather conditions use hat or umbrella.
3. Use anti aging creams and lotions, but it should be used under the proper guideline of a dermatologist or registers beauticians.
4. Take fresh fruits and vegetables those fulfill body needs and requirements. Fresh fruits provide all necessary vitamins to skin.

Anti aging tips for hands skin

1. Hands are most prominent part of the body and indicates person age, sometime it shows premature aging signs and wrinkles, which is hurdle between beauty. Use hand gloves during house hold work especially clothes washing and dish washing. Gloves protect hands from soap and detergent effects.
2. Use soft soap to hand washing that can protect your hands from premature aging and wrinkles, protect your hands from direct sun and use sun blockers.