USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa

USA Study VisaIn this modern era there are a lot of awareness among people and they try to get each and everything, which is up to the standard. The same scenario is observed in education and majority of students want to get the best education from high ranked educational institute. So keeping in view this high standard they prefer United States of America for higher education. United States welcome and encourage international student for studies here in America. United States of America has two main types of student visa the F-1 Student visa and J-1 exchange visitor visa, but university or sponsoring organization will determine your visa type. After getting the USA study visa, then inform your school or institute for arrival date and keep it minds that a student cannot enter the USA no more than 30 days prior to study starting date. Moreover, after reaching United States student must present Form I-20, signed by the DSO of the school or institute where student will study.

F-1 Student Visa

According to the United States of America educational institution recognized that the international student will get full-time study in this country and for this he/she will enter in America through on an F-1 Student visa and this visa allow the spouse or children accompanying. However, they will travel on F-2 visa, but the spouse is not eligible to work or study there and for this he/she will apply for their own visa to the United States of America.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa

This J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa is for those who will visit the United States of America as visiting scholars or lecturers pursuing on exchange program like Fulbright scholars or on short-term study abroad programs from their native countries universities. The children and spouse accompanying J-1 visa recipients will travel on a J-2 visa. The souse is eligible to work in the USA, but a prior permission is must.

How to apply for an F-1 or J-1 Visa

When an international student accept admission offer, then university or sponsor need a solid proof of money that will require as an expenditure for first year in the form of bank statements, scholarship offer letters, loan documentation, etc. Moreover, if an international student accompanying spouse or children, then he/she will prove that he/she has enough money to sport him in the United States. A form in needed from student to register him with the international visitor database that is called SEVIS I-901 form. the Student will pay the SEVIS fee that $200 for F visa and $180 for J visa, but spouse and dependents do not require to pay this fee who is going on F-2 or J-2 visas. Students can apply for this visa prior to 120 days to departure United States of America. When a college or university accept your admission then the institute send you an I-20 form that the application for an F-1 visa. While in case of exchange visitor the organization or U.S. Government sponsor you and for this a DS-2019 form needed that is application for a J-1 visa. After receiving Form I-20 and a schedule to interview with US Embassy or Consulate in student native country.

Student F1 Visa interviews need the following papers.

1. Form I-20
2. SEVIS I-901 receipt
3. Valid passport.
4. Transcripts or diplomas copies.
5. Study description.
6. Accommodation information
7. Evidence of funds required for first year in USA.
8. These form may require in local US Embassy/Consulate DS-156, DS-157A, DS-158A.

Visa interview tips and tricks.

1. Wear a business suit or neat and clean dress.
2. Remain focus and specific to answer the question.
3. Bring bank statements or employment proof.
4. Explain and provide a fully detail of your study schedule.
5. Do not try to dodge the visa officer.