Weight loss tips for women

Weight loss tips for women

Weight loss tipsOverweight is a serious problem for both men and women, but women are more concerned with this matter because they are more conscious abut their weight. It is reality that extra weight cause different problems in life and it is a permanent hurdle among activities. Obese women always struggle for loosening their extra weight however, it is a serious issue and it needs more attention and hard work to reduce it. It is vital to reduce sugar and fat from your diet and make a healthy balance diet plan. There are many tips for weight loss and among them some are very simple and can be done at home without any difficulty. The definition of obesity is very simple and just abnormal fat deposition that may damage health. Obesity or overweight is calculated through Body mass index or BMI and it is measurement of weight for height, this used to identify obesity in adults. This formula is simply a person weight in kilograms, which is divided by square of his/her height in meters (kg/m2). According to the WHO standard those who have BMI more than or equal to 25 is overweight and equal or more than 30 BMI are obese. This formula of BMI is used all over the world to measure obesity for adult in both sexes. It is estimated that millions of kids under the age of five are overweight or obese.

It was considered that obesity is the issue of rich countries people, but now it is a global issue and even third world countries are also included in this list. Usually this problem is more severe in urban population or in people who are settled in the cities and because of limited movement and unhealthy environment. The basic reason for obesity or overweight is imbalance between food intake and its consumption in other words energy intake is more than the utilization. Another, reason is way of life it means that in urban areas the life is totally depending upon facilities and easy transportation, which cause obesity. Obesity and overweight cause various problems or hurdles and increase BMI is related to many health issues just as cardiovascular disorders, muscular skeletal disorders in that osteoarthritis is common. Similarly some disorders of digestive tract are also linked with obesity. Increase in BMI means there are maximum chances of health disorders, now this issue is raised that how it can be controlled. The two main simple tips are take healthy foods and regular exercise or game will overcome this obesity issue. It is most important that reduced intake of fat, sugar and salt or their products. At, the same time increase intake of fresh fruits and vegetable especially whole grains, nuts and legumes.

It is advised by the physical education experts and doctors that take regular exercise or participate in games. It is also necessary that change your social habits or lifestyle because it certainly impacts on your body weight. Most of the people have adopted easy lifestyle and they avoid going out by foot and that is why their food consumption not justify food utilization. The best way to measure obesity is BMI and it gives correct calculation, if both men and women are in between 18.5 and 24.9 BMI they are recognized healthy. Abdominal obesity is measured by waist size and those women whose waist size is 35 inches or more are obese while men having 40 inches waist or higher are included in the list of obesity. Obesity sometime inherent from generation to generation and simple word it comes through genes, while the other types of obesity is simply because of laziness and not taking proper diet or amount. A balance diet is necessary for maintains the normal body weight and a balance diet is that which contains a proper ratio of all vital food groups. Water is universal solvent and it excretes all wastes from the body so water intake is compulsory. Lifestyle is also responsible to obesity or overweight so it must for everyone especially for women to spare time for regular exercise or participate in games.

Here, we have some best weight loss tips for women.

1. Drink more water because it burns and excrete waste material from body.
2. Avoid or cut down fat, white sugar and salt from your diet.
3. Take fresh fruits, vegetables and include grains in your diet instead of fast and spicy foods.
4. Do regular exercise or participate in games especially stair climbing is necessary.
5. Take green tea because it has an antioxidant agent and it controls age factor.
6. Divide your meal in five to six parts because in this way intake and consumption will be in balance.
7. Prefer white meat instead of red meat and try to take natural foods.
8. Do your own task and try to walk regularly and maintain your weight with light regular exercise.