Latest fashion trends in jewelry 2013-14

Latest fashion trends in jewelry 2013-14

FashionWith the passage of time the trends in all fields and especially in fashion is changing on a daily basis. The new ideas are emerging and prevailing which has low cast as well as efficacy and look uniqueness. The trend first change in dress fashion designing and after this it also influences the gold and traditional jewelery all over the world. Women and girls want to change in traditional jewelery and they demand something new and unique, similarly that is more matchable and can easily handle.

Fashion is a wave of emotion and style, which is changing rapidly, but some fashion trends survive for a longer time. Once the gold and traditional silver jewelery was very much in, but now the fashionable and light jewelery take over and there are a lot of reasons behind this. The traditional gold jewelery is expensive and difficult to carry and now the latest trend in jewelery is very light and soft. The new latest fashion jewelery is less expansive and easy to use, moreover it can be available in different shades and colors for matching your dress.

The trend, which is prevailing in these days are very simple and in multi colors, it is less costly than traditional gold jewelery. The new emerging jewelery fashion is very attractive and it is blended with precious stones and pearls as well. It is made up of by various metals and gemstones which give it a new look as the traditional jewelery. The latest trends in jewelery is seen in all ornaments including pendents, necklaces, earrings, nose pins and in bangles. The most jewelery is made up of silver shiny metals and embedded with precious gem stones and pearls. The bands and chains are decorated it multi colors artificial pearls that can easily matching with your dress. The new fashion trend in jewelery has many advantages over the traditional jewelery and that is price, easy handling and more matching.

Trend in wedding fashion also changed with passage of time and now girls prefer simple, light, pure and stylish jewelery for their wedding day as well as brides also select wedding dress which has less handmade work. The reason behind this light weight dress is simplicity and economy, similarly in modern wedding’s dress is in different colors other than pure red which was traditional once. In makeup brides select and prefer light shades make up, but they also demand for an expert beautician. Makeup products are also under consideration of brides and other girls and they are more conscious about the efficacy and originality. According to new fashion trend girls from some parts of the world select matching makeup with their dresses while some other like contrast makeup as compare to their dresses. Shoes selection is also an important matter of wedding and for other occasions normally girls chose to matching shoes with their dresses. However, nowadays high heel is not preferred, but in some part of the world girls like flat shoes having light weight moreover these shoes are easy to wear and economical as compare to other branded.

Another trend is traditional and cultural gold and silver jewelery, which is still amazing and extraordinary, these traditional ornaments are classic because of artisan and precious stones. This type of jewelery is now in in fashion and many girls and brides chose this cultural gold and silver jewelery. The hallmarks of this traditional jewelery is precious stone work although due to stone work the weight of this jewelery is heavy than ordinary current gold jewelery. Once long hair was a symbol of beauty and for this purpose women, girls and specially brides are very alert and conscious about their hair. In old day’s girls make many formulas for increasing their hair while the new trend is just short hair. The short hair are easy to mange and control, similarly facial is also a new emerging trend between girls and brides. In modern world brides and girls prefer other metals jeweleries instead of gold and silver, now gemstones and other artificial stones are fixed in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Artificial jewelery is also a sort of fashion and it is so beautiful and durable, while it looks like genuine as pure gold or silver ornaments. Most of the girls and women like this type of jewelery for ordinary use and some time it is used in important events and most interesting is that it is difficult to judge.