Remedy for white hair at young age

Remedy for white hair at young age

White hairIt is understood that hair is the main part of the body as well as it enhances the personality look, however, the hair is in different shades and colors, but the main and the prominent color of the hair is black. It is natural that with the passage of time or an elder age the hair change their color, but some time it is observed that the hair changes their color and mostly they change their color into gray. This premature changing in of hair color is alarming as well as it changes the personality look and attraction, there are a lot of reasons behind this color changing some time it is because of diet, sun exposures, tension, anxiety or any physical problem.

The main cause behind this premature or early hair graying is diet or nourishment, which is very necessary for hair, hair roots or follicles needs some vital vitamins and minerals and if they are not available, then the hair will change their shades and colors. The necessary or vital vitamins and minerals which are very much needed for hair are vitamins B, iron, copper and iodine. The anxiety causes the extra tension on scalp and in this way they block or reduce the blood supply and it changes the hair color into gray. Besides these some other reasons are also behind this gray color like hair wash with warm water, use of electric dryer and heredity is also an important factor. Now can we treat them or what are the remedies for gray hair.

Take one teaspoon amla juice and add one teaspoon almond oil and few drops of lemon juice and then massage the gray hair every night.

Eat the balance diet which contains all necessary vitamins and minerals, massage the hair with pure almond oil.

Take the diet that contains vitamin B, oats, fresh vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits.

Take yogurt as diet on regular basis, use fish, carrots and banana.

Wash your hair and scalp on regular basis.

Avoid the fast foods and soft drinks, cover the hair before going in sun